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Weight Control

Weight Control in Northampton

Call me today for a free 30 minute consultation and get started immediately. Let hypnosis help you to regain control over your eating habits & food,
rather than your food & eating habits beng in control of you!

Free 30 minute Consultations
- Gill Blayney
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Special Offer:

3 sessions + a free personalised CD @ £165

1 * Normal Session @ £60 Each sessions is approx 80 minutes

We would be working together to help you to regain control over your eating habits, rather than your eating habits being in control of you.
My treatment plans also include increasing motivation and will power, restoring confidence and improving your feelings of self worth.
These changes are re-integrated back into your life, in such a way that you will find yourself feeling happier, more content and confident
than you have felt in a long while. Your life will feel more comfortable and natural than ever before because it will be the life you have consciously
chosen to live, within a body you now feel belongs to you. If you feel you are overweight you probably eat for reasons other than hunger.
Hypnosis can change the way you think and relate to food. Whilst helping you to regain control over your eating habits. Treatments can,
if you choose discovering the root causes for past self sabotage and eliminate them once and for all. If you want to be in control of what you eat,
achieve a certain size, or if you have a compulsion to eat certain types of food, then you may feel that my treatment plans are just what you are looking for.

Using state of the art technologies**   we can help you gain full control of food once and for all - for life. 
** I use a combination of therapies which are delivered while you are deeply relaxed.

Weight is easier to control with hypnosis.

In the absence of some sort of glandular problem the only way to become overweight is to eat too much and exercise too little.
Therefore the best way to get to the weight you want is to eat less and exercise more. In my opinion there is no need to radically change your diet.

One of the biggest culprits is snacking whilst watching TV, this habit is easily removed using hypnosis. We can replace any desire for unhealthy foods
with feelings of pride that you are not eating the way you were. It is a deep instinct for survival to eat fatty foods.
The human race has evolved over millions of years
and even as recently as 100 years ago we may have been uncertain where the next meal was coming from,
so it is only natural to store some fat reserves in case
we need them. But in this day and age food is plentiful, and the deep instinct we have for fatty foods can
be replaced easily with new ideas for exercising and
general healthy living. It is usually necessary to look at some of the reasons why you might want to lose weight.

Occasionally clients will feel as if losing weight will solve other problems,
and rather than being the real issue, the weight gain is a symptom of another issue.
If this is the case then Hypnotherapy can certainly help with whatever you feel you need.

GastricHypnoBand Practitioner

Please call me for further details on the amazing GastriHypnoBand treatments. Please view this you tube clip for more infomation.
I am the local Practitioner for this treatment.

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