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Stop Smoking

Hypnosis - Stop Smoking in Northampton

My experience includes advanced training given by Michael Joseph - a Founder & Principal of the LCCH.

For more info relating to the London School of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Michael Joseph 

Let me help you to give up cigarettes and address any related issues such as:

ravings; Anger management; Stress & anxieties; Weight control

Call for your free 30 minute consultation to find out how Hypnosis can help you stop smoking
I look forward to hearing from you

Free 30 minute Consultations - Gill Blayney
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Special Offers

1 x Smoking Cessation session (2 - 2 1/2 hours) @ £120 + free personised CD to listen to daily

Plus free follow-up session to enhance energy levels and well being

Did you know?......

Surprisingly to some, smoking does not relax the body or the mind, or cure boredom. Smoking does not help you lose weight or concentrate,
or in fact, any of the other
positive things that smokers can often believe (and as ex-smokers, we used to believe them all).
Contrary to popular belief - it is possible to give smoking without suffering withdrawal symptoms. Most smokers think about all the cigarettes
they will be giving up - the first one of the day,
the one in the evening with a drink...but what needs to be remembered is there is only
one cigarette that needs to be refused - and that's the next one!
The good news is simply this: When you stop smoking the positive effects begin to take effect immediately and you will be living longer.
As several research studies carried out over
many years highlight, non smokers will live an additional 10 years longer than smokers.
That is an incredible 3,650 additional days and nights to enjoy a fuller, happier, wealthier, healthier, cleaner, life - where you are in control
and not being controlled by cigarettes.
As a non smoker you can concentrate on making further positive changes to your life
and not have to worry about how smoking could be affecting you.
Having stopped smoking, many clients report that their lives are transformed in many, many ways.

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