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Gill Blayne
y 07801 367 989 -  Fertile Mind and Body Practitioner

Hypnosis to Optimise Conception

Northampton based Fertility therapist Gill Blayney PDC.Hyp BSCH  offers a comprehensive support service to couples with Fertility Issues. Treatments includes regular hypnotherapy sessions together with relevant information & articles, books, CD's, hypnosis CD’s on how hypnosis can increase fertility.  Treatments are gentle, respectful, confidential and homeopathic. Gill trained with Sjanie Hugo author of the Fertile Body Method, a London based fertility expert at the renowned "Calmer Centre".

Hypnotherapy enhances Fertility by:

  • Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, lift depression, increase sense of control,
  • Able to cope better, take better care of self
  • Lower blood pressure and increase immune system functioning
  • Accelerate the bodies rate of healing
  • Make lifestyle changes. E.g. quit smoking, healthy eating, exercise
  • Provide support and learn specific self-help tools
  • Work with unhealthy beliefs and challenge them
  • Help you to conceive consciously
  • Increase Health and Vitality (including hormonal balance)
  • Increase Fertility and aid Conception (natural or assisted)
  • Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood  


Protocol and Session Details

Goal Intention: To prepare mind & body into the optimum fertile state

Sessions prior to commencement of Treatment

Set smart goals :Prepare Fertile State – Emotional Stability, Mental Attitude, Physical Wellbeing : Address and Resolve any Negative Issues ; Enhance & Maintain


Sessions during treatment




IUI (intra-uterine insemination) : GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer) : IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) :
Session for downtime: Egg Collection: Embryo Transfer: 2 Week wait: Outcome

Cost of Treatment Sessions

Everyone is unique and each session plan is created for the individuals involved. The following discount options are available



8 sessions for £450
5 sessions for £275
3 sessions for £160
1 session for  £ 60

In most cases a session will last for approx 90 minutes.


Often between 3 - 8 sessions are required to ensure a good healthily, balanced & solid foundation has been created in order to improve your chances of conceiving. However, most people notice a marked improvement in their health and outlook, even after only one session. Time is of the essence............. 



Self Help Tools

Sessions will include teaching you both easy to learn methods of self hypnosis. So that, going forward you can be self sufficient and continue to practice with the aid of CD's in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Techniques you will learn will include the use of visualisation, relaxation, deepening techniques, healthily lifestyle suggestions, reducing  stress & addressing negative thoughts or behaviours and any other issues which might impact on your fertility. With regular and consistent use of these techniques, couples frequently find they conceive naturally without the need for further medical assistance.
You are not alone; there are many couples in the same position. Let me provide the help and support to increase your chances of conceiving 





I work from a selection of conveniently situated consulting rooms. Each location is relaxing and comfortable - just the place to allow yourself to develop your skills and resourses towards a successful conception. 




For your free 1 hour consultation and to find out more information  Contact me now  07801 367 989  or  01604 905221  email
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