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Hypnosis resolving Fears and Phobias

Fear is often the thing that stops us from doing things we really want to do, or really need to do.

Hypnotherapy can aid relaxation. It's interesting to know you cannot experience fear and relaxation at the same time.

By using this knowledge, hypnosis can help you to achieve a deep and focused state of relaxation, thus eliminating fear.

Whenever someone has a fear or phobia, they often want to know where it has originated from and whilst

it is interesting to know its origin, fears can be addressed without this information.

What is a fear?

A fear is what we feel when we are in the presence of a real it is the feeling associated with our body preparing itself to

either fight the source of danger, or escape from it. Common Fears which can all be treated with hypnosis include:

  Flying ; Dentists; Driving; Heights; Bridges; Spiders; Birds; 


What is a phobia?

A phobia is a similar, often extremely intense feeling of fear, which is caused this time, by a situation or object which doesn't

actually cause any real threat to our safety. Common with many phobias, is a feeling of loss of control in the given situation,

which may give rise to panic. Often, the person will avoid the situation or object which brings these feelings. This only serves

to re-enforce the link between object or situation and the fear.


If you have a fear or a phobia that isn't included on this page, rest assured that most phobias have a great deal in common

and can be resolved with the minimum of discomfort. That's the great thing about hypnosis, the cause of discomfort can be addressed

without the need for it to be actually physically experienced.

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