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Hypnosis and NLP can help you with work life, personal life, driving tests, sports, writing, art and musical performance etc.

Hypnosis can be used to increase motivation, build confidence and self-esteem, boost your energy, and help you overcome barriers. We can also help you to manage stress and deal with repetition and negative thinking.  

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Hypnosis to help you pass your driving test



My services come recommended by numerous driving schools. Driving instructors frequency send nervous or anxious clients to see me, to help address any nerves or false beliefs. For each & every thought we have, our body  experiences a physical response. Anxious thoughts include 
"un-safe feelings or experiences of one type of another", which move our bodies into a state of  "fight or flight". This state can include symptoms such as: 

  • Increased heart rate

  • Fluctuating temperatures (clammy hands)

  • Lack of oxygen to the brain, mind goes blank

  • Lack of control

  • Unwanted bodily sensations ( in stomach, bladder, tight throat, wobbly legs)

With the help of hypnosis and other techniques these unwanted sensations can be reduced, managed and even stopped altogether. Without these sensations the messages will alter. This change enables you to re-gain control over your mind and your body and see things with a more positive attitude. Commanding your imagination in a positive way seeing times going well, things going right. Using a blend of therapies any negative beliefs can be addressed, many improvements can happen including :

Changing Beliefs  

· Good night’s sleep prior to taking your test  

· Remain calm & relaxed during lessons & test situations alike  

· You are looking forward to putting your hypnosis to the test   

· Prior to & during your driving test you remain calm, yet alert & focussed  

· During your test early ‘minors’ can be forgotten as you focus & concentrate on ‘rest of test’ 

Sports Performance

Elite athletes, top boxers and sports people have realised for a long time that physical training by itself is not enough. Those that have mentally prepared will fare better in the competition. Mental Coaches, Motivational speakers and Hypnotherapists are just some of the methods employed by the top sportsmen and women today. If you're thinking of using hypnosis to improve your sports performance you'll be in good company:

Andy Cole [football]
· Greg Rusedski [tennis]
· Dan Luger [rugby union]
· Adrian Moorhouse [swimming]
· Nick Faldo [golf]
· Frank Bruno [boxing]
· Roger Black [athletics]

Competitive sports such as Golf or Athletics are ideal for extra mental training and preparation. Treatments can include:

  • Staying focused for the duration of performance.
  • Visualisation techniques to assist consistant success
  • Techniques to encourage control over muscles & breathing
  • Relieve anxieties relating to performance pressure.
  • Improve self confidence & self esteem.
  • Rehearsal of event.
  • Increased energy levels & ability to get into the "flow"
  • Rituals & Psycology of achieving peak performance.
  • Mental toughness - be a Winner

Musical Performance

Enhance Your Music Performance Deep Trance Hypnosis Program is designed to help you perform in the best way possible, to feel confident when performing and to become recognized as a musician.

Work Performance

 Sales people can benefit from learning psychological techniques for reading client's subtle verbal and non-verbal communication, helping them understand their customers more and build rapport more efficiently. I regularly work with clients to help:
  • Improve their Presentation skills


    Address and reduce Interviews nerves


    Build Confidence


    Stress & Assertiveness,


    Goal Setting

  • Movitation

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