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Many women will find that the desire to have continuous support during labour is instinctive. Throughout history in many cultures all over the world, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and friends have gathered round a woman as she prepares for her journey towards motherhood. Today we find that for many reasons it is just not possible to have our close family members or friends near us at this time. Doulas are women specially trained to give emotional and practical support during the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period, leading to more satisfying and empowered experiences, and a decrease in interventions, caesarean sections, postnatal depression and an increase in breastfeeding success. More and more women and couples are choosing to have doula support.  

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What is a DOULA ? 

Unlike a midwife, I offer no medical advise. I am a knowledgable, kind and compassionate about natural birthing. I will help you and your partner discuss your birthing options to create a individual birth plan to optimise your chances for getting the birthing experience as close to your wishes as possible. As and when your babies birth commences I will remain with you as a constant, calming influence to ensure your voice is heard. I will arrive during labour and remain until after the birth. Always mindful of the need for privacy and special bonding times following your babies birth.

 Services can include: 
  • Antenatal Education *  2 sessions
  • Post Natal Visit * 1 session
  • Parenting Advice
  • Natural Birthing advice
  • Breech Presentation corrections
  • Acupressure in Birthing
  • Reiki during Birthing
  • Guided Relaxtion
  • Techniques & Tools to help reduce pain discomfort
  • Birthing Companion without the whole birthing process
  • Breast Feeding Education and Support
Please telephone for current prices and complete list of packages available, accept my free invitation of a free consultation.
Come and meet me and find out more about how a Doula can help you. 

Benefits of having a DOULA

Research has shown that having a doula present at birth can:
Shorten first time labour by an average of two hours
Decrease the chances of a caesarean section by 50%
Decrease complications
Decrease the need for pain relief
Result in less use of forceps
Decrease the chances of post natal depression
Help the birth partner to participate with confidence
Increase success with breastfeeding
(Findings taken from "Mothering the Mother" by Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993)
"There is a powerful evidence that having a woman with you who is not part of the hospital institution, and who focuses on giving you one-to-one continuing support, makes birth more satisfying, and safer for mother and baby"
Sheila Kitzinger, The New Experience of Childbirth.

What can a birth doula do for you ?



Through face-to-face discussions, a doula will support you in making a birth plan so that you can make clear decisions about how you would like your labour and delivery to happen, she will show you breathing and relaxation exercises for both parents. It is important for the parent(s) and the doula to meet a few times before the birth to establish a rapport. She will be present during the labour and birth, support the parents during the more intense part of the labour and care for all 3 immediately after the birth. She will come and visit the new family at least once after the birth.


 It is important to understand three key differences between a midwife and a doula:
- a doula does not have a medical role
- a doula will be there throughout your labour HOWEVER long
- a doula is not associated to a hospital, doctor or midwife and is there for YOU.


What do parents think of their experience of using a doula?

In a survey carried out by Doula UK (the none-profit making organisation UK Doula), 100% of mothers and fathers surveyed said they would hire a birth doula again and recommend it to their friends! 


When should you contact a doula?

Anytime really. You can contact a doula before being pregnant to discuss the services offered or a few days before your expected delivery.... And anytime in between. Doulas are in popular demand and you might consider booking up three months or so prior to the birth of your baby.

I currently have extensive experience of birth through my own and others experiences. I have completed extensive training, I also have read and researched a lot around the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth and am proud to say I have completed my Doula training course through Nurturing Birth (a recognised course of Doula UK).

Covering Northamptonshire/East Midlands area

A good guide to whether I can cover your birth, is that I will travel approx 30 minutes from Northampton. Here are some of the hospitals within that criteria. If you cannot see somewhere please do still get in touch, I may be able to do it or pass your details on to other doulas that can. You could also have a postnatal doula. Have one of our trained and experienced mothers to help you after your birth. You can book her for as many weeks as you like after the birth, part-time or full-time. Doulas are very flexible. They are women who have had a baby of their own – many are still bringing up their own family – and they love to help other mothers and pass on their wisdom, love and genuinely practical support. Please call or email to check, if I can't make it or you are too far I can pass on fellow Doula's information


Northampton General Hospital  


3.9 miles  

Kettering General Hospital  


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Milton Keynes General Hospital  


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Bedford Hospital, Cygnet Wing  


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Hinchingbrooke Hospital  


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