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This is by no means an exhaustive list of treatable conditions, but can give you an idea of the benefits of using Hypnosis. Some of the issues have a seperate page listed to the left, please use links to find out more information.

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Acne  : Alcohism : Anger Management :  Anxiety : Asthma : Blushing : ChildBirth : Concentration : Confidence : Dentistry :  Depression :           Drug Addiction : Eczema : Eating Disorders : Fears i.e. Flying or Dentists : Grief : IBS : Insomnia : Migraines :  Nail Biting :   OCD : Pain Relief   Performance Enhancements : Panic Attacks : Phobias : (Subject or Social) :  Psoriasis : PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) : No Smoking       Sports Performence : Stuttering & Stammering : Stress : Tinnitus : Weight Control and many more.... 

Acne is a familiar skin problem that many people will face at some time during their lives, and appears in the form of irritating swellings that hold sebum, which is used to keep the hair and skin moisturised. It is caused by hormones produced in puberty enlarging the sebaceous glands. It can become a problem in some people as it can understandably create issues of insecurity during the formative years, which can lead to further problems later in life. Using hypnosis I can embed commands to kill the inflammation and slow down the production of the androgen hormone responsible for enlarging the sebaceous glands, as well as instilling confidence in the individual to cope as it recedes.  

Some may say there is nothing that is clinically addictive in alcohol, but to an individual with an addictive personality it can still be fatal. Alcohol creates an association with the addictive personality and destroys the mind and body, and frequently accompanies other problems such as rage and self-confidence issues. Hypnosis can be successful in helping the sufferer come to terms with the illness and tackling it. Accompanying hypnotherapy with one of the many support groups available can mean a long term sufferer will never be tempted to drink again.  

Anger Management
When someone is totally unable to control a basic human impulse such as anger it can be dangerous, and often the sufferer is unaware that the problem lies within him or her and believes it is whomever the anger is directed at that is the cause of the problem. Once you can come to terms with the problem, and analyse it using hypnosis, unresolved issues that usually stem from the formative years can be resolved.  

Anxiety / Panic Attacks
It is a basic human instinct to feel anxious at some stage in our lives and millions of years ago our ancestors relied on this function to get through life safely. Even now we are all likely to feel tense when put under some sort of pressure.
But it is when there is no conscious reason that we can see for feeling this way that it can become a problem.
Sufferers of panic attacks can for no reason at all suddenly break out into a sweat and feel their heart begin to pound furiously giving them an unexplained feeling of complete despair. This creates even more tension, which makes the heart beat even faster which leads to even more tension, aggravating the situation further and further until at long last it eventually calms down which can be in a matter of a few moments or maybe hours. The mind has for one reason or another been conditioned to feel this way when a certain set of circumstances occur. Using hypnotherapy techniques we can uncover the underlying reason for this and resolve it. 


The word itself comes from the Greek word for panting, and it is a surprise to many people when they learn that asthma can be a nervous condition, and can be easily resolved using hypnotherapy. Sufferers of asthma find it very difficult to expel air. The small muscles around the windpipe contract, called a bronchospasm, which creates a sensation of suffocation, which leads to panic. The ensuing panic creates a surge of adrenaline through the blood stream making the heart beat faster, as the heart beats faster it needs more oxygen from the lungs, so there is a demand to breathe faster creating a vicious circle which is labelled an asthma attack. It is not dissimilar from an anxiety attack, and is treated in the same way.


Blushing comes about when there is an increase in heart rate. In much the same way as running a race makes your face red.
As the heart beats faster to pump oxygen to the muscles it also pumps blood cells, if all of this were to rush to the brain it would result in a stroke. So the body disperses the blood into the blood vessels of the face. This raises the temperature in the face and can make it feel redder than it actually is. The reason that we blush when certain circumstances occur is simply the body reacting to a stimulus. Using hypnotherapy we can uncover the stimulus and resolve any issues relating to it. 


Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for pain relief and therefore a great support during childbirth. To compliment this we can also create a relaxed and prepared temperament in the mother, which from a doctors point of view is as beneficial to them as to the mother, as less drugs are necessary making the birth as pleasant an experience as it should be. More information can be found under Birthing Services on this website.  

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to aid concentration in people of any age. Slight breaks in concentration are normal in children, but if become recurring need putting right. Hypnotherapy can root out any background noise in the conscious and subconscious mind and replace it with positive and useful affirmations to great success. 

Any unresolved issues in the subconscious are easily cleaned up using hypnotherapy, and can result in a quivering wreck becoming an accomplished public speaker. Confidence with the opposite sex is easy to resolve, as are any nerves concerning taking exams or a driving test. Our subconscious is great at keeping us safe but when it is wrong about what is safe and what is not it can result in blind panic at the thought of the simplest of tasks. This is where hypnotherapy can excel. 

Hypnosis is applied in 1 of 2 ways in dentistry. Many people have a fear or even a phobia of visiting the dentist or of the needles used to administer anaesthetic, so much so that their teeth can suffer. Using hypnosis we can uncover why the problem is there and banish it forever and can replace the negative associations with positive ones. Secondly, it is not uncommon for someone to be allergic to anaesthetic drugs, and in these cases major dental work is often ignored. But using hypnosis we can anaesthetise any area of the body, making it completely numb. You will know that work is going on and will feel it happening but will feel absolutely no pain whatsoever. This is proving so successful that many Dentists are learning hypnotic techniques themselves to help their patients. 

Depression can mean different things to different people, and many who feel depressed may not necessarily be suffering with clinical depression. Instead may be suffering with a bad reaction to life events. It is usually necessary to work with GP's in order to confirm the best course of treatment. And using hypnosis we can uncover any unresolved issues that have been plaguing the subconscious and forcing the mind and body to react in the way it has. As well as teaching the client coping strategies to get through life. Many people find they can get through perfectly well on their own, but there are those that cannot, hypnosis can find out why they think they cannot and show them how they can.


Drug Addiction
There is a major difference between a drug user and a drug addict, in the same way you are not an alcoholic simply because you enjoy a drink. But if an individual with an addictive personality discovers a taste for drugs it can lead to a very real and life threatening problem. But using hypnosis we can tackle the self-confidence issues that almost always reside and help ward off withdrawal symptoms. It is important to confirm whether or not an assessment from the NHS assessment team is needed, and if any replacement medication needs to be prescribed. We can then begin to instil feelings of pride, self esteem and more importantly self purpose. 

Eczema + Psoriasis
Skin normally regrows every 30 days, in psioratic skin there is an attempt to regrow in just 5 days, leading to a build up of dead skin on the surface. Often the cause of this attempt is an unresolved issue in the subconscious and is treated as such, coupled with stress management techniques and visualisation this soon slows down skin production to a manageable level. 

Unresolved grief can be treated successfully with hypnotherapy. There are different stages of grieving beginning with shock before resolving itself with acceptance and fondness. Sometimes grief sufferers can be stuck at one of the stages. Any unresolved issues associated with the lost loved one can be resolved easily. It can be a very emotional experience but worthwhile and rewarding, and can lead to a sense of empowerment over your own life. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is mainly due to in inability to relax, both mentally and physically, and is more often than not accompanied by other conditions such as stress and eczema. Using self hypnosis we can learn to relax and learn how to control both our eating habits and our bowel movement activities. Using hypnotherapy techniques to clear up any unresolved issues about self often accompanies treatment. 

To combat insomnia I teach my clients self hypnosis techniques, this enables any worries that we haven’t already resolved using hypnotherapy, to fade into the background and wait for a more practical time of the day. Using self hypnosis you can easily fall into a relaxed state of mind and body that soon turns into deep and refreshing sleep. 

The exact cause of migraine headaches is still a matter of medical discussion, but it is known that when certain stimuli are in place, for example stress levels rise combined with infrequent meals, certain blood vessels in the head can contract causing a restriction in blood flow to certain parts of the brain. As the blood vessels contract you get a slight tingling sensation or visual disturbance that many people recognise as the beginnings of the migraine. Using self hypnosis you are able to override the subconscious instructions to contract the blood vessels and allow blood to flow as it should. It is important to recognise that hypnosis is so succesful at controlling pain that your GP MUST be kept informed of treatment, in order to confirm that there are no serious problems that may be masked with hypnosis. 

Nail Biting
When not stress related nail biting can stem from the very early years of childhood, whereupon there was some anxiety about the supply of food from the parent, and can be related to thumb sucking. It is not uncommon for babies to feel this way and is why dummies are so good at quieting a crying baby. But once a child gets into the habit of needing some sort of oral pacifier it can carry on into adult life without realising it. Hypnosis is very good at rooting out erroneous beliefs in the subconscious and replacing them with positive attitudes. 

Pain Control
It is normal for the subconscious to send signals to the brain warning of a problem and demanding a reaction. But if we can make the subconscious aware that we already know about the problem then we can cut off the demand it has for a reaction. In other words we can switch pain off like a switch. Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious and controls the instructions it would normally send to the pain receptors. Making something as complicated as surgery painless. On top of that the lack of anaesthetic in the bloodstream speeds up recovery no end. As mentioned previously it is important to recognise that hypnosis is so succesful at controlling pain that your GP MUST be kept informed of treatment, in order to confirm that there are no serious problems that may be masked with hypnosis.  

Fears & Phobias
During the formative years any erroneous information about a certain situation that is learnt can be carried with us for the rest of our lives. Hypnosis is wonderful at finding out where that erroneous information first came from, and analysing it from an adults perspective. It is common for a client to tell me out of hypnosis where they think it occurred, but they are always wrong.
You may remember a time when you were attacked by a dog and since that day have had a phobia of dogs. The fact that you remember it tells me it isn’t what we are looking for. That occurrence only reinforced what your subconscious already knew from an earlier experience that may or may not even have had anything to do with dogs, but our subconscious thinks in emotions and will strive to stop you from putting yourself into a situation where you would feel that emotion again. I use hypnotic regression to root out the cause of the problem and hypnotic suggestion to replace any negative association with positive emotions. 


Stop Smoking
Believe it or not there is nothing actually addictive in cigarettes. But once there is a compulsion to smoke for whatever reason, usually peer pressure, then the smoking habit becomes a routine in the mind and without intervention can be difficult to shift. The subconscious insists on some sort of motor action when in certain situations and in someone who smokes it will jump on that every time. By not responding to the subconscious requests will seem to it to be almost life threatening. Hypnosis works right at the root of the problem, the subconscious mind, to delete its desire for motor action. So you will find stopping smoking an easy experience.

Sports Performance
Athletes have a phrase “If you can see it, you can be it”. Hypnosis can help you focus on your performance and help you achieve your goals. As long as it is viable you will find that using self hypnosis will help you to perform better, it can give you extra stamina and extra confidence. It is true to say that before you can win in your profession you need to win in your mind first, and hypnosis is just the right tool for this. I use hypnotic suggestion to prepare you for your game and teach self hypnosis for you to use before every game. Doing this will improve your performance inestimably.  

Stuttering and Stammering
Stuttering and stammering are 2 slightly different problems, although originate from the same place. A sufferer of a stammer will find it difficult to speak whole words or part of words, whereas a stutter is a repetition of whole words or part of words. They have self-confidence roots and can be treated in similar ways. Sufferers will rarely have a problem when talking alone, and don’t usually struggle at all when under hypnosis. The problem arises when there is conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind, the conscious mind wants to speak but the subconscious wants you to be quiet, until the 2 can agree some sort of speech impediment will appear. Once any root causes can be identified using hypnosis and boosted with ego strengthening work then success is swift. 

Research has shown that feeling stressed can have a debilitating effect upon the bodies immune system and can result in the onset of many diseases, so it’s a relief to know it can be easily treated. Stress boils down to only one thing, some sort of fear within the subconscious. Once this fear can be identified, we can work with it and be rid of it, and using self hypnosis to control the bodies automatic systems can result in a sufferer of stress finding it easy to cope with things that were once almost impossible. Nothing that happens to you can have any effect on you at all, only your reactions to it will have an effect, once you can control how to react to certain situations stress can be a thing of the past. 

Weight Control
Weight is easy to control with hypnosis.
In the absence of some sort of glandular problem the only way to become overweight is to eat too much and exercise too little. Therefore the best way to get to the weight you want is to eat less and exercise more. In my opinion there is no need to radically change your diet. One of the biggest culprits is snacking whilst watching TV, this habit is easily removed using hypnosis. We can replace any desire for unhealthy foods with feelings of pride that you are not eating the way you were. It is a deep instinct for survival to eat fatty foods. The human race has evolved over millions of years and even as recently as 100 years ago we may have been uncertain where the next meal was coming from, so it is only natural to store some fat reserves in case we need them. But in this day and age food is plentiful, and the deep instinct we have for fatty foods can be replaced easily with new ideas for exercising and general healthy living. It is usually necessary to look at some of the reasons why you might want to lose weight. Occasionally clients will feel as if losing weight will solve other problems, and rather than being the real issue, the weight gain is a symptom of another issue. If this is the case then Hypnotherapy can certainly help with whatever you feel you need.

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